5 Reasons PR Professionals Need Reporters

May 14, 2019

The relationship between reporters and PR professionals is usually seen as disconnected. However, it should be seen as a symbiotic one. It can be mutually beneficial on many different fronts.

Jelly wanted to take the time to appreciate and work on the relationships that can be formed with reporters.

That’s why this year Jelly Marketing has reached out to sponsor the upcoming Jack Webster Awards and the RTDNA Canada Awards.

There are five distinct reasons why we want to bridge the gap between the two professions.

1. They tell the stories

Reporters are the most important vessel to get a story across. Whether it be in broadcast, print or video, reporters take the facts and bring them to an audience. PR professionals are able to pitch to reporters to help bring these stories to life.

2. They ask the hard questions

Reporters aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions. It doesn’t matter what the repercussions may be, they will do what needs to be to get the story to the audience. Reporters will do what they can to uncover a story, to find out why something is relevant and to make sure their audience is well informed.

3. They’re on top of historical trends

Reporters have a strong understanding of trends that go on through history. With politics, climate, stereotypes and more, reporters can see the ebbs and flows of our culture. They are more likely to see an outcome differently and predict what will and won’t be important down the line. Reporters know what story needs to be told in that exact moment.

4. They have a finger on the pulse

As a reporter, you need to know all the ins and outs of everything. They are up to date on current affairs. Reporters are aware of the latest opinions around an event, which can be beneficial when you’re trying to work together. How will your ideas help the reporter and how can the reporter’s knowledge help you?

5. They have the credibility and trust behind them

Let’s be honest, PR professionals are sometimes seen as spin doctors. When working with a reporter, you have their credibility behind them. Reporters pride themselves on working on a moral and ethical high ground. They are transparent, and won’t share a story with an audience if it isn’t morally and ethically sound.

Take a beat and thank a reporter for the work they do to tell the stories the world needs to hear.