5 Morning Routines Before You Start Work (Increase Productivity)

May 17, 2018

Most successful people have morning routines that they include in their daily lives. Morning habits increase productivity and set you up for success during your work day. With the proper routine, you learn how to prioritize time and anticipate unexpected changes that may come up. 

They say that your day is formed by how you spend your first hour and we’d have to agree with them. We’ve shared 5 morning routines should do before tackling your to-do list at work.

5 Morning routines


Meditation is a practice that allows you to be mindful of the present moment, by paying attention to how you breathe in and out. During the process of meditation, you’re able to clear your mind, lower stress, relax, and ultimately focus before starting the work day.

After waking up in the morning, take a few minutes to meditate and wake your mind. A good way to do this is through yoga or stretching. You can also do this while still laying in bed. Collect your thoughts and prepare your brain for a productive day!

There are many types of meditation that you can do, depending on your goals and preference. Meditation is for everyone; a progressive habit that improves mindfulness, visualization and spiritual focus.

Eat Breakfast

Eating breakfast in the morning allows your body to receive nutrients after fasting overnight during sleep. Therefore, by eating a healthy breakfast with the proper nutrients, you’re able to increase energy levels, receive proper vitamins, boost brain function and improve focus.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a hearty meal paired with a tall glass of cold water gives you the energy you need to tackle anything that comes your way.

However, it is important to consider that breakfast is not for everyone. If it’s difficult for you to eat first thing in the morning, find ways to reduce food sizes in the evening, increase day activity, or experiment with new breakfast recipes that you may like (it could even be a tasty green smoothie).

Listen To Music

Listening to music has the power to change your mood depending on the style and genre. It can make you feel happy, excited, or sad, simply depending on the emotions the music evokes. Listening to the proper music can help induce stress, along with meditation to get you started before work. 

Tip: Get those neurons firing in your brain with some upbeat music or an engaging podcast. Listening to the news or background TV while getting ready can also be a good brain stimuli.

Plan Your Day

Planning your day is a good management skill and practice to have, to set you up for success during the day. This allows you to get a high level overview of what needs to be done, and clearly lay out tasks assigned. Moreover, this also allows you to anticipate any unexpected events or emergencies.

Tip: Check your calendar for any appointments, meetings, or events you have for the day. Then, write a list of things you want to accomplish and prioritize them by importance.


Before you start, and buckle down for the day, take a minute to do some deep breathing. Just like meditation, focusing on your breaths for a minute will clear your mind and help you focus on your tasks.

Tip: Don’t force as this could trigger stress and defeat the purpose of deep breathing. Do what’s comfortable for your body and connect with your mind as you do the exercise.