Working and Engaging with Diverse Voices, Creators, Influencers and Media Outlets

June 9, 2022

Resources that will empower your company to support diverse voices via media, influencer and content creation work.

Written by Danielle Windecker ~2 Min Read

It is important for communicators and professionals in the media industry to step aside and amplify the voices and stories of historically marginalized communities versus attempting to tell stories on their behalf. If you’d like to incorporate more diversity and representation into your marketing campaigns you may be wondering; how can we best approach this? 

The answer is simple! Hire—and appropriately pay— professionals, influencers, and creators from historically marginalized communities  to tell their own stories. There are so many incredible people to connect with! 

This doesn’t have to be an arduous task – the team at Jelly has compiled (ever-growing) lists of diverse events, media publications, creators and vendors who you can reach out to or incorporate into your next marketing or public relations campaign. 

The benefits of working with diverse groups of creators and media outlets are plentiful. Support economic reconciliation for Indigenous peoples, better represent all members of society, expand your circle and add fresh, new content to your campaigns. It’s been proven time and again that diversity is great for business and increases creativity and profitability. 

If you’re looking for a fresh face, different approach or new team for your next project, make sure you bookmark these lists; we look forward to seeing what comes of your partnerships.

Indigenous Events

Indigenous Media Publications 

Indigenous Creators

Indigenous Vendors

Ability-Inclusive Publications

Ability-Inclusive Creators

Black and People of Colour Publications

Black and People of Colour Creators

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