Team Building Activities to Try in Your Workplace

March 16, 2018

Challenge courses and trust falls. These are the typical activities that come to mind when someone mentions a “team building” event. Fear not for there is a wide range of fun activities that not only allow you to get to know your team members better, but help to build stronger connections that come to life in the workplace. Below are three different areas to help spice up your next team building event.

1. Be of Service to Others

What better way to bond with fellow team members than dedicating a portion of your workday to the service of others. Giving back allows you to see another side of the people you work alongside and provides space for emotional bonds to form. In addition, serving others within the community displays that a company lives and breathes their core values by putting a friendly face to an often impersonal entity.

2. Learn How You Work and How to Work Together

Using psychology and personality testing in the workplace is an incredibly beneficial activity to carry out as a team building event. Knowing how you operate as an individual grants you a deeper self-awareness that in turn aids in effective collaboration. We cannot all be the most captivating communicators, wittiest writers, or detailed data-analysts and therefore it is imperative to understand the unique abilities you bring to the table as it creates a cohesive working atmosphere.

3. Be Social! Do Something Pure F-U-N!

Kick back, relax and simply enjoy one another’s company! Taking a break from the day to day pressures of work allows those “after 5” personalities to come alive. Does someone have a hankering for craft beer? Try it! Want to see who is the next Dustin Johnson? Compete in a game of mini golf! Get to know the interests of your teammates and make that a team building activity. Taking part in an activity outside of the office not only enhances the work culture but boosts office morale.