SparkToro Review

May 5, 2020

Team Jelly had the opportunity to review a NEW Market Research platform called SparkToro. What is SparkToro you ask? They are Audience Intelligence for everyone. You simply type in a keyword you want to search for, and can browse through a variety of responses from the web, social, podcasts, Youtube, and Audience Insights. Let’s take a look at how this platform works. 

Step 1. Type in your search keyword

For the purpose of this demo, we’ll search all things “candles” because, who doesn’t like candles – right?!

You can refine your search by choosing from the following options, in the drop down menu:

These options allow you to get nitty-gritty with what you’re searching for and how. It’s also a great way to conduct a competitor analysis or do social listening. 

Step 2. Your Overview. 

This page will now showcase the overview of your search. 

On the left side of the screen you can see a drop-down menu with 6 options, Overview, Social, Websites, Podcasts, Youtube and Audience Insights. Simply choose which one you want to start with, and make your way down the list. 

One great thing about this platform is the ability you have to see what people are saying, and where they are saying it. They could have mentioned a product or service on their website, podcast or Youtube channel – this platform will show you all the options! 

Step 3. Compare Audiences. 

This option allows you to compare audiences for keywords, and again, you can choose from the dropdown menu of options on how you want to refine your search. 

When comparing audiences, it shows you the results in a venn diagram way to showcase the differences and similarities.

The results will be showcased by showing the top social accounts, phrases in bios, podcasts, websites, metro-area geography, hashtags and more! It truly provides you with lots of data that can be great market research. 

Step 4. Profile Searches 

In this section of the platform, you have the ability to search for social profiles and websites for specific people. A great way to conduct social listening, market research and competitor analysis!

Overall Review:

SparkToro is definitely a great tool for market research. I specifically searched for “candles” in a variety of ways to see what I would find. I had more success in finding valuable information in the USA vs Canada. 

I enjoyed how thorough the search can get with all the information available. From hashtags to geographic locations to podcasts available – it was amazing to see the details. 

The other downside I found was when I was searching for specific social profiles or social accounts – I was not able to find information on Instagram. Whatever the URL had promoted (sometimes Twitter, sometimes Facebook) was what I had to search with. 

Overall, I was disappointed in the lack of information I could find for Canada but do find value in the content for the USA. Especially if you have clients that want to reach that geographic area, it’s useful as it can provide us with outreach and sponsorship options right away. Otherwise, the tool provides great general market research that you can apply for your business or client’s business right away! 

Note: Jelly Marketing did receive a press review copy for the purpose of this review.