Scoping Out Squamish for CIMC 2016

June 22, 2015

In April 2015, Jelly and Marwick Marketing co-hosted the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference (CIMC) in Squamish, BC. This coming year, we’re planning on making the event bigger and better and so, in preparation, two Jelly-ites scoped out the city (and surrounding area!) for all the hotspots. Here’s what we found!

We were able to check out two fantastic hotels. The first, Executive Suites, is beautifully situated on an eco-tourism golf and disc golf course. The second, Sandman features convenient central location and an impressive waterslide. Wherever you stay next year, these hotels will treat you right and help make your stay highly enjoyable.

Sea to Sky Gondola

One of the most impressive attractions in Squamish in undoubtedly the new Sea to Sky Gondola. The panoramic views are breath-taking: Stawamus Chief is in clear view, frequented by hikers and climbers; Sky Pilot stands impressively in the distance standing over 1200 meters above sea level; Howe Sound creates an expanse below that elevates the viewer from expansion bridges to hiking trails (did we mention there is a restaurant at the top as well?)

A Hub of Activity
For those looking for some adventure, one of the perks of Executive Suites is the range of activities within close proximity. Enjoy a 9-hole ‘rough’ golfing experience, 18 holes of disc golf, and mountain biking.

Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest

There are many stops along Highway 99; Brohm Lake is one of them. A multi-use area of trails, hiking, and rugged lakeside terrain, Brohm Lake is also a traditional territory of the Squamish First Nation and provides beautiful scenery as well as very accessible enjoyment.

Murrin Park

Before you get to Squamish, you’ll pass Murrin Park, another highly accessible spot for travellers. Here you will enjoy swimming, picnicking, walking trails and natural climbing walls knowns as Shaman, Sugarloaf, Bog Wall, Leviticus, Petrifying Wall and The Brunser.

Brandywine Falls

We like Brandywine Falls for a number of reasons. First of all, while the park is massive, the falls are quite accessible for those tight on time. Secondly, the 70-meter waterfall is so impressive and easily seen from viewpoint platforms. Additionally, viewpoints also present some marvelous views of Daisy Lake and the surrounding mountains.

Scandinave Spa

If you’re in Squamish, and you’ve come this far, you simply must carry on to Whistler for some unbeatable relaxation at Scandinave Spa. This is a great way to wrap up your rockstar conference experience. Enjoy several spa experiences at your leisure, uninhibited in a silent environment of tranquility and rejuvenation.

For more information, check out Tourism Squamish #exploresquamish or Squamish Adventure

See you in April!

By Eric Reynolds