Prudence in the Workplace

February 26, 2018

In an industry that moves a mile a minute, the idea of slowing down to process and carefully plot your next move can seem like a snoozefest. To us here at Jelly, prudence is anything but boring. Prudence helps us visualize the big picture and gives us the ability to harmonize multiple goals. This strength of character guides and disciplines the way we work, calling on us to think before we act. Prudence doesn’t force us to play it safe or settle for small goals, in fact, it enables us to marry creativity and logic, giving us the capacity to think BIG, while always keeping the end goal at the forefront of our endeavours.

1. Trust the process.

At Jelly, thinking outside of the box is our forté. When a brilliant idea comes to mind, our first instinct is to visualize the outcome. We see our client’s names in shining lights and their campaign emblazoned across the front page of every news outlet. But over time, we have learnt that our greatest successes are the ideas we’ve long dreamt of, thoughtfully strategized and worked hard for. Prudence calls on us to trust the process that brings big dreams to life. It reminds us that success doesn’t happen without effort. That a sound strategy and tireless work are needed to see our vision come to fruition. Prudence requires an inward focus and forward facing discipline. The ability to look ahead, to imagine possible outcomes, and to make sensible judgments. Prudence takes our best ideas and helps put them into realistic action.

2. Retrospective thinking is key to growth.

Thinking prudently often requires a rear-view window mind set. Prudence encourages reflective thinking and the ability to see the finished product, consider the steps it took to get there, and evaluate how effective the strategy was in its implementation. At Jelly, this mindset allows us to look back on what was done and note what can be improved going forward. When a campaign doesn’t materialize the way that we had envisioned, being prudent helps us to see the big picture and to determine the exact points that went wrong, allowing us to always keep learning and growing as a team.

3. It’s all about the big picture.

When you’re drowning in to-do’s and tasks that need completing, it can seem impossible to take your mind away from obsessing over the details. Prudence enables you to remove yourself from the situation at hand to see the big picture as a whole. This mindset makes menial tasks seem more manageable, and provides a clearer, more direct path to achieving your goals. Rather than being overwhelmed by the small details, prudence encourages us to look at the impact these details will have on a larger scale. With deliberate and practical thinking, prudence allows us to make sensible judgments that prioritize the crucial tasks, keep the big picture in mind, and ultimately lead to a successful campaign.