Now Hiring: Meghan Markle

January 16, 2020

Meghan! Rumour has it that you have recently moved to Canada in the desire to become financially independent.

We’re happy to hear you chose our beautiful province as your new part-time home. In response, we would love to extend an offer to join our little team here at Jelly Digital Marketing & PR. Located in the historic and cute little town of Fort Langley, Jelly Marketing is a small but powerful team of storytellers and content creators, dedicated to building up other businesses and giving back to the community.

As a certified B-Corporation, we believe that Jelly Marketing and yourself have quite a few things in common. Your philanthropic spirit and interest in giving back to your community speak directly to our values. Although there are many things that stand out to us as good indicators of character, we are especially impressed with your ability to navigate through social networks and have your voice heard. We are also very impressed by your effortless sense of style and ability to professionally write calligraphy, but those are topics for another time.

In the meantime, we offer you a role at our company, doing what we do best – telling stories, supporting others, and creating a better community while we’re at it. At the very least we invite you to stop in for a visit at our office in historic Fort Langley, meet the team, and let us show you around the town. It would be an “honour” to have you.

Kindly, The Jelly Marketing Team