Meet Jelly VIP: Scott Brown, Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Ltd

May 15, 2016

Name: W. Scott Brown

Position: President and CEO

Tell us about your company:

Established in 1980 Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Limited is a leading, full-service provider of residential real estate marketing and sales services. For the past 36 years, we have been developing our project sales and marketing expertise throughout Metropolitan Vancouver with a particular focus on the Fraser Valley

What do you do?

We collaborate with developers to conceive new communities and homes and market and sell new multifamily homes.

What is your passion?

Great question. Helping people grow at work and service our clients and customers well.

What is the biggest misconception clients have about your brand?

Great question. Having been in business for 36 years we have worked hard to build a brand that symbolizes our focus on the Fraser Valley. That being said, people might think we are only realtors and not realize how much of work is advisory in nature.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to your business? 

Ensuring we execute well at each and every project /for each and every client.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

That’s easy. Being married for 22 years! Being a decent Dad is number #2.

How do you handle failure?


What would you be doing if you didn’t do this?

Consulting to businesses like ours and clients like ours!

What is your favourite jelly?