James Connell (Roots Canada)


On this episode of Marketing Jam, Darian Kovacs talks to James Connell, who is VP of E-Commerce and Marketing of one of Canada’s most notable brands: Roots Canada.

James is a Roots Canada employee and ambassador, through and through. After starting as a stock boy and key holder more than 20 years ago, he has risen through the ranks of Roots Canada and been a part of many key marketing and public relations initiatives.

On the show, Darian and James talk about Roots’ association with Canadian culture, the post-Olympics iteration of the company, Connell and Roots’ approach to working with influencers, and the use of cutting-edge technology in marketing.


This interview is part of a series of interviews recorded at the 2018 DX3 Digital Marketing and Retail event hosted in Toronto, Canada. Marketing Jam thanks DX3 for being a partner of the show.

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