How to keep your projects moving forward with Amaan Fazal

July 26, 2016

Amaan Fazal

Our guest Amaan Fazal is a project manager at Jelly Marketing. Amaan believes social media is about being human, being real, and being responsible. His passion lies in connecting people and building authentic relationships both online and offline. Amaan loves to integrate his experience in customer service and social media management with our clients’ digital marketing strategies. Fuelled by coffee and lifelong learning, Amaan can often be found enjoying new things (like affogato!) or geeking out with gadgets.

In this episode…

  • How Amaan got into the marketing profession
  • The important role of coffee in Amaan’s life
  • How Amaan got connected to Jelly Marketing
  • Three of the many things that Jelly Marketing is good at
  • What it means to be an online marketing project manager
  • How to keep your projects moving

How to Manage Your Digital Projects Tips from Amaan Fazal


  • When marketing, know your audience
  • When you operate an agency, your client’s clients are actually your clients

Quoting Amaan (who is quoting someone else)…

“Don’t bring an opinion to a data fight. Come to meetings with your data and show results”

Selected links…

Amaan Fazal Teaches Project Management in this Jelly Podcast

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