How to Hire a Marketing Superstar – Peter Reek

July 4, 2016

Peter Reek

Our guest Peter Reek is the Owner of Smart, Savvy + Associates. Smart, Savvy + Associates finds senior-level marketing, sales, communications, and creative professionals with proven track records for companies who need them.

Peter started Smart, Savvy + Associates ten years ago. He is a Marketing Recruitment Specialist who has been helping companies hire and build for success for over 20 years. Peter has served clients in a variety of industries, lead sizable teams and launched divisions in Canada, US, Europe and Australia.

Our topic for today is how to hire (and be) a marketing superstar.

In this episode we discuss…

  • How our Peter got into recruiting for marketing businesses
  • How our guest identifies marketing superstars
  • Several tips for people who were looking for marketing jobs
  • Hiring tips for employers

Peter Reek – Owner, Smart, Savvy + Associates

Tips for marketing superstars who are looking for a job

  • Start with where you are right now
  • Operate like an owner
  • Add value in your current job
  • Keep track of the contributions you make in your current job
  • Nurture your network
  • Be open-minded and be open to opportunities

Recruitment tips for employers

  • Take your time even if the person you’re interviewing has made a great first impression
  • Get good at asking deep questions – “What have you done that has made an impact on your employers bottom line?”
  • Ask: “What have they done throughout their career to help them stand apart from other people who might be applying?”
  • Keep your eye open for people who have moved to other companies and people have gone with them. That’s a sign that you have a star
  • Look for people who have progressively risen in a company
  • Check the balance of confidence and enthusiasm in the person you are inteviewing


Stay tuned to the end of the interview where we find out what our guest likes to spread on their toast.

Quoting Peter

“Run with your strengths”

“Recruiting is an industry where it’s never over till it’s over.”

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