Fairness in the Workplace

February 27, 2018

Sometimes life isn’t fair, but we believe your workplace should be. Here at Jelly, fairness is the moral compass that we strive to use in all of our dealings. It guides us in our everyday interactions and disciplines us to act in ways that are right and morally just, keeping in mind all stakeholders. Fairness fuels our healthy work culture, encouraging teamwork, accountability, and upholds Jelly’s reputation of honesty and integrity. Above all, fairness allows us to do right by our clients, and by each other.

  1. Culture is key.

Work culture plays an integral role in how we operate at Jelly. Though we strive for a healthy balance of work and play, above all, offering a healthy and safe work culture is our top priority. We believe that all employees should be treated fairly and should be able to flourish in a work culture where human rights are respected. Fairness encourages us to create an environment where all employees are treated equally, and where they can feel confident that they will always be treated with respect and care. In line with these standards, Jelly sees the importance in making sure all employees feel heard and have an open, trusting platform to communicate their ideas. Offering these principles founded in fairness encourages equal opportunity for all staff to succeed.

2. Share the workload.

At Jelly, we know the value in a team working together to achieve a common goal. No matter the size of the project or the range of talents of those involved, it’s important to share the workload. Establishing how each team member can contribute to ensure fair distribution of work ensures that everyone is on the same page, and maintains a common understanding of the end goal. A team with a shared vision and mutual understanding can work collaboratively to ensure success.

3. Let fairness be the foundation.

The Jelly team works everyday to make decisions that are rooted in integrity. We understand that offering transparency in all of our endeavours is invaluable, and we strive to ensure that clients trust the Jelly team to always make the right and fair decision that will best benefit their business. It is our commitment to our clients to never take the easy way out, and to work tirelessly to provide equally authentic service to all clients. Jelly’s standard of fairness in all of our dealings instills a sense of certainty in our clients that we will never sacrifice the “right” decision for the “easy” decision. Ultimately, fairness allows us to strengthen our partnerships and build more impactful relationships with our clients.