#CIMC2015: Some Final Thoughts and Themes

March 30, 2015

This past weekend was jam-packed with flavourful topics and valuable takeaways. The Canadian Internet Marketing Conference (#CIMC2015) featured a wide array of speakers, panelists, and marketing experts with immense knowledge in many different spheres. Despite the variety, there were five key messages that stood out between all of the speakers.

These are some themes we picked up on at #CIMC2015 and will become increasingly valuable in the digital world:

1. Are paper, pen, and handshakes still relevant with digital marketing? 

We are humans: behind each FB post, tweet, and live streamed video is a person! @KattStearns had the right idea when she said “whether it’s B2B or B2C, it’s still P2P (person to person).” Digital marketing will always need to include an aspect that is tangible and human. You show you care, and increase your credibility by having a physical presence among your connections.

2. If digital brands are so effective, what are people for? 

It was apparent both from words and actions, that internet marketing is a tool to connect people. @vicki_mcleod summed it up well in an afternoon panel with: “we do business with people we know, like, and trust.” Within digital media, the relationships between brands and their customers has become increasingly more based on knowing the people involved and the trust that brings.

3. No brand should be without a solid story.

From master storyteller Peg Peters, attendees learned the emotional impact storytelling has on humans, and how digital media has made it possible for anyone to tell their story. Internet users are looking for brands to tell their story. In this digital age, the power of storytelling is immense and when used efficiently it can capture and intrigue any audience to create change.

4. PR is vital for every company. Is yours using PR effectively?

@taniavenn told us a PR push is an opportunity to share a key message and story with your audience. There is trust and SEO power when a third party publishes your story, whether its good or bad. Needless to say, make sure to accomplish your messaging goals when thinking about PR. Third party credibility has incredible impact on decision making and will help you reach your full branding potential.

5. Who is your audience, how are you working with them, and how do they influence your brand? 

Another one of CIMC’s panels focused heavily on how important it is to know and engage your audience. The problem is that it is not easy to know what your consumer community wants. The takeaways were to be generous, use social media to reach out to ask, and create content that is compelling for your customer’s to share. These three things will be the start of creating a community rather than a customer, and that will ideally showcase your brand as one that people want to support.

It was a pleasure to see all of the beautiful faces and brilliant minds at the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference this weekend.

We look forward to seeing you next year, the countdown for #CIMC2016 begins now!