Certified B Corporation

April 17, 2019

Here at Jelly, we embrace what it means to do and live life to the fullest. We believe in bettering the community through all fields in the company. We are committed to delivering on project after project, time after time, all the while delivering exceptional results for our clients. It is a commitment that we made years ago when we opened our doors; receiving the B-Corp Certification in November 2018 only reaffirmed that.

Achieving B-Corp status meant that our main focus for our business is targeted at bettering the world around us. We believe in changing the community, treating everyone as equals, and having the courage to change. All of these values were invested into Jelly the moment the company came to life.

Before Jelly got certified, we had already hit many of the specific requirements you must attain in order to get approved for B-Corp. Like I mentioned earlier, Jelly has been operating with this mandate since our doors opened. So, one may ask: what was the point in getting B-Corp Certified in 2018? Because to Jelly- being B-Corp certified means our past efforts to give back have been recognized – but it doesn’t stop here. Getting certified and staying true to those standards is a commitment we renew each day. It comes through in our core values, our commitment to clients, and our desire to give back to the community. The process to become B-Corp Certified is not an easy undertaking; it is extremely time consuming, a lot of paper work, and intimidating. That is why at Jelly, the first step we took in getting certified was pre-emptive. We wanted to know exactly what we needed to do, and exactly how to get there. That is why we hired a company in Victoria, Synergy helped us along the way.

Temperance, humility, fairness, prudence, and courage are our core values that grow and impact our business from the top down. They represent strengths of mine, but also weaknesses and attributes I strive each day to improve in order to run a better business. I think that is reflected in the B-Corp values of equality, fairness, and holding people and the environment over money. “Serving a global community of people using businesses as a force for good” is B-Corp’s slogan and it really flows into how Jelly is run on a daily basis; putting people, the community, and environment above profit and having a balance between it all. For me, when I took a step back and looked at how aligned our company’s values were with B-Corp’s, I knew the opportunity to get this certification was promising.

At Jelly, we strive to always be one step ahead and that is why we’ve started to look at what this certification can mean in the future for us as a company. B-Corp Certification means building a greater community with companies alike and not, we have the opportunity to promote a positive look through products, and

I want to create a larger community where we can all work together and build a network on trust and friendship. It is important to work with our community and those around us to promote and encourage alliance through products, employees, and the overall business. With the certification we can all do this! We have the ability to communicate and reach out to other B-Corp companies, exchange advice and ideas.

With B-Corp, Jelly is better known and sought after by future employees. With the tools B-Corp offers: B-hives, B-local, B-work, we believe we are better positioned for opportunities and partnerships worldwide, connecting with local B-Corps to build or create events in community, and post jobs within the B-Corp site to applicants. All of these tools are a promising source that we will use within Jelly to further our business and relations.

At Jelly, B-Corp has meant striving to improve on our eco-footprint, giving back to the community, and branching out of our comfort zones to connect with not only others but competing companies with the same status. Personally, the certification has reinforced my moral and business values, and it has given Jelly a continued push to reach over and beyond our goals. To our clients, B-Corp has meant better service, a commitment to values, and a keen desire to give back to the communities our clients are operating in. To our broader society, B-Corp means companies are being pushed to be better – in the way they work, the way they treat their employees, and the way they interact with the communities around them – and we believe this is an impact that we as community members and companies can strive to make each day.