BIPOC Canadian Podcast Moves from Audio to Small Screen

July 15, 2020

Books and video games are not the only forms of media receiving TV adaptations with international distributions. Canada’s largest marketing and public relations podcast, Marketing Jam, is now the first podcast to be converted to a digital television show on Amazon Prime USA and UK, with more countries to be added soon.

As Canada’s leading marketing and public relations podcast, the hosts of Marketing Jam represent the diversity of a Canadian Community. Darian Kovacs, a member of the Indigenous community, founded the podcast after many years working in digital marketing. After launching the podcast, Darian partnered up with his associate and person of colour, Shaheed Devji, who specializes in real estate marketing. The pair recently brought on a third host, Marlon Murr, a black Canadian who will be bringing his extensive business knowledge to the production. Marketing Jam is an excellent representation of diverse perspectives, people, and industries across Canada. 

With ten episodes on Season 1 and a second season launching soon, Amazon Prime users in the United States and the United Kingdom can stream informative and engaging interviews with leaders of some of the best and brightest minds in marketing and entrepreneurship. Darian and Shaheed, now joined by Marlon, interview the leading experts behind North America’s top brands; Amazon, LEGO, Roots, Telus, Yelp, Shopify, and McDonald’s, to name a few. All of the guests featured on the program are Canadian – a tribute to the incredible marketing leaders we have in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto.

“With Amazon Prime occupying the second rank in the growing video-on-demand industry with over 112 million memberships in the U.S. alone, the platform has allowed us to capture an audience that was previously outside of our market. It’s great they’re seeing the talent and content coming out of Canada and giving it a platform,” says Darian Kovacs, host of Marketing Jam. 

In today’s world, the role of digital is reaching new heights as people are spending time online than ever before. The average user spends 6 hours and 43 minutes online every day – a total of more than 100 days each year. The podcast industry saw a record year in 2019, growing to more than 850,000 podcast shows, with 36% of the Canadian population as avid podcast listeners. But with a podcast trend highlighting an increase of podcast platform competition, Marketing Jam looked to other digital platforms to reach new audiences.

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