Ask the Expert: Jeyla Loves

April 10, 2018

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Ask The Expert – Featuring Jeyla Loves

What is your role? What do you do?

I am an opportunity seeker, content creator (photo / video / writing) and entrepreneur. I freelance in business development and marketing while exploring the world as an influencer in the areas of travel, lifestyle, beauty and fashion.

Why did you choose “Jeyla Loves”?

Jeyla was an adaptation of JLO. With my name being Jennifer, friends would always call me “Jenny from the Block,” or the infamous JLO herself. I had to be somewhat original, so JEYLA was born. The “LOVES” is the part of me that I share with the world. I love all things, people, experiences, products, art, life, so it seemed like the perfect blend. JEYLA LOVES.

What kind of partnerships do you look for? What makes you say “yes”?

I look for partnerships that have a brand to brand alignment. Working together has to make sense. If I have an emphasis on travel, and someone wants me to promote an animal, it may not make sense or offer any value to either party. I say yes to brands that like to build relationships with influencers, are fully transparent with their proposition and understand the value / work that goes into influencer marketing.

What is your favourite social media platform for personal use? professional use?

Honestly, I don’t really have a favourite because every social platform has a different purpose. If I limit myself to one, then I limit my audience potential. At the moment, the platform I use the most is Instagram, but I am setting my horizons on YouTube as I believe video is going to take over the world.

What is your favourite place to travel and why?

Man, that is tough. Even though I have been to a lot of different places, I still have so much of the world to see. With that said, I really enjoy Europe. To date, Italy has been a solid favourite. Its a country that has so may remarkable vistas and deep rooted history / culture, paired with exceptional food, wine and coffee. How can you not fall in love?

One brand you aspire to work with, why?

Is it weird that I don’t have one? Its probably weird, but I am ok with that. LOL.

Tips for Influencer Pitching:

Relationships with your brands are most important.
I have always believed that you will be remembered by how you make people feel. If you can demonstrate to your client that you care about more than just the money, or the transaction, you will be remembered. This means, really understanding what your client is looking for, remember names, delivering on-time (or communicating when you can’t), and above all asserting a high degree of professionalism and kindness. If you leave an impression with whoever you work with, it is likely that they will reach out for future opportunities because you will be someone they WANT to work with.

Know your value.
Whether you have 1,200 followers or 5 million Instagram followers or any sort of reach through other mediums (blogs, YouTube etc.), you have value as an influencer. Your value is defined by the brand you have built (or are building) and what your market reach is (engagement, impressions, demographics etc.) I believe it is your job to know what your brand is, what your numbers are, and how your personal brand aligns to the brands you are approaching. I highly recommend presenting this information by way of a media kit. Think of it as your influencer / content creator resume. Once you have your media kit, you can set a rate for your services. This rate should be based on your content creation time, and the reach you have to offer your client.

Don’t wait for opportunities and offer value first.
I often get asked how I get to do the things I get to do, or how I get to partner with certain brands, and the answer is simple. I am not waiting around for opportunities to come knocking. I am reaching out to brands, PR/Marketing Companies to introduce myself and I am constantly thinking of creative ways to integrate brands into my content. With millions of people on any given social media platform, its really easy to get lost in a sea of influencers. I also feel bad for the people that are assigned to seek out relevant influencers for their initiatives. SO TAKE INITIATIVE. Reach out to that brand you’ve been dying to work with and propose a creative idea of how you can work together along and the value you bring (your media kit.) They may say yes to your idea, they may say not right now, or they might not interested. Either way, you are putting yourself out there and that doesn’t hurt anybody.

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