A Reflection from the LOTUS Talks: How will You Tell Your Story?

December 14, 2015

Last month, I had the honour of attending LOTUS Talks, an afternoon of insights about the future of marketing were shared leading up to the LOTUS Awards. The roster of speakers presented their own challenges, success stories, and tricks of the trade. It was such an inspiring afternoon, jam-packed with wisdom from some of the biggest names in the industry.

The most challenging question to me, and what I resonated with the most came from Keith Reinhard, Chairman at DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc.: “What is your story, and how do you get people to care about your brand and product?” The answer, he said, was quite simple. Get emotional. Lead your audience through a well-crafted story that at the end of it, they won’t be able to help but care.

Reinhard stressed the importance of understanding the fundamentals of creating a good story. He expressed that it’s easy to only rely on the content, but it’s even more important to invest time into how you tell your story. Emotional messages will resonate much longer than any other message. Here are a couple of examples he shared with us:

The messaging is simple, but yet so effective. Whilst there are no words in The Bear and the Hare advert, you can’t help but be drawn into the relationship and emotions of the characters. The Sainbury’s advert highlights the goodness of humanity, showcasing the importance of loving others.

Both companies are department stores in the UK. Their messaging is not “Make us rich by purchasing all your presents from us, and we promise to make your Christmas amazing” instead they reflect on the love and relationship aspect of the season by saying, “Give someone a Christmas they’ll never forget.”

It’s important as a company to reflect on the foundation from which your business was built. What voice and story are you wanting to share with the public? Are you being genuine and authentic to your brand and product? Remember that vulnerability and emotion are the quickest ways to make the public care about you and spread the news.