5 Ways to Increase Brand Loyalty With Social Media

August 5, 2020

Social media loyalty is an invaluable asset to any company. As the old adage goes, it’s easier to keep your customers than it is to get new ones. This is why it’s so important to foster good relationships with your customers and to encourage loyalty. We have some tips for you that could help improve your overall brand loyalty and attract new loyal customers to your business.

  1. Engage with customers

Building a sense of community and connection with your customers is the foundation of brand loyalty, and it’s easier now than ever with social media. Engaging customers will help them feel included and show them that they are important and valued. This means liking and responding to comments, sharing people’s posts, answering their questions, and telling them how much they’re appreciated and valued. 

  1. Deliver reliable content

Consistency is key when it comes to branding. People come to expect the same things from the content you produce on Social Media. Offering reliable content will continually build loyalty in existing customers, and encourage more loyal customers. It is pertinent that you’re reliably producing good content, and not reliably disappointing with bad content. It’s important to listen to feedback and take it into consideration when building your brand, people know what they want to see, and my actively listening brands can tailor themselves to fit that image.

  1. Invest in improving your brand

Listening to what your customers want on Social Media will help guide the direction you should grow your brand. Investing in your brand shows that you not only care about what you’re putting into the world, but also that you care about those that interact with it. Showing your customers that you intend to improve and grow with them is an excellent way to build your brand loyalty. 

  1. Prioritize great customer service

You will never lose someone’s loyalty faster than with a bad customer service interaction. Educating staff on how to properly interact with customers on Social Media, and having a Social Media policy in place that prioritizes good customer relationships is a good start for good customer service. When interacting with customers you need to be friendly. Always respond to messages and comments quickly, actively listen to their needs, and know how to help them if they bring up an issue with your brand. Problems inevitably arise, but how you handle the situation will go a long way to show what type of brand you are. Social media has allowed individuals a direct access line to a brand, so brands need to be able to use that to their benefit. 

  1. Offer loyalty deals and giveaways

Spread the loyalty cheer by offering value-added deals to your loyal customers. Give discounts to repeat customers, send promotional offers, and do giveaways for those that follow and subscribe to your mailing list and Social Media. Everyone wants to feel like they’re receiving the best value for what they’re getting, and these are some of the ways you can make people feel that.

Ready To Increase Brand Loyalty With Social Media?

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