4 Podcasts and 4 Books for 2019

January 16, 2019

It’s the beginning of the year, which I love because it’s a time for new starts, new ideas, and new outlooks. If you’re like me and are constantly looking for ways to better yourself and improve aspects of your life, you’ll know that podcasts and books are a necessity. I have made a list of the best business and marketing podcasts and books that you need to devour in 2019.


Marketing Jam

I’ll admit, I am a bit biased when it comes to this one. On Marketing Jam, we interview guests from different companies such as Daily Hive, Microsoft, Amazon and more and learn what success has looked like for them, and what advice they have for others in regards to marketing and social media.


Adlandia is refreshing, funny, and stocked full with incredible guests. Every other Tuesday Laura Correnti and Alexa Christon talk about what’s trending in business and marketing and try to solve questions facing the industry with their guests.

Under The Influence

If you’re looking for an extremely well-produced podcast, this is the one. While many podcasts are off the cuff and go with the flow, Under The Influence is scripted and well thought out. Hosted by Terry O’Reilly of the CBC explores the marketing world weekly on Thursdays and Saturdays.


Unpodcast really stands out for not conforming to the norms. This quirky listen knows how to push the boundaries. One thing that I also really love is that it is Canadian. By giving advice on what NOT to do in the industry, Scott and Alison Stratten continue on to explain how you can succeed in the business marketing industry.


Tribe of Mentors

Written by Tim Ferriss, this book features investors, artists, entrepreneurs in short profiles where they give their advice to transform your life. Through this book, you can learn so much more than advice, but morning routines, best purchases under $100 and meditation tips. Sometimes diving deep with one author is great (I once read every one of Eugen Peterson’s books as a way to have him as my author mentor) but sometimes hearing LOTS of perspectives in one book is amazing. It’s like a many colour quilt of colours and ideas and perspectives – that, of course, Tim in his brilliant way has pulled out the best of the best.

Tools of Titans

Another great read from Tim Ferriss is Tools of Titans. This overviews the routines and habits of Billionaires, Icons and more. To start the book of, you read a foreword by Arnold Schwarzenegger that really sets the tone. Be ready to be inspired. I can’t even begin to list all the gems I’ve taken away from this book. Tim does it again by mining for gold and making it easy and digestible to find those nuggets. Read with a pen and notepad.


Originally published in 1986 by Michael E. Gerber, this book has spawned an enterprise. There are several different E-Myth subjects such as management, contractors, chief financial officers and more. The original aims towards helping small business and entrepreneurs succeed. I read it in the context of how Jelly can provide this level of service to our clients – but also how our clients can provide this service to their customers.

The Tipping Point

Written by Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point looks at how a single idea, behaviour or trend can spread like wildfire. He explains how you can market to audiences in such a way that products or trends can spread among audiences. I read it in the context of how our brands at Jelly can be a part of movements – and how their ideas and products and services can go viral in the geographic areas they want to cover.