3 Tips to Navigate a Cohesive Transition from Seasonal Ads

December 28, 2022

Reading Time: ~4 Mins | Written By: Stephen Klein

As the holidays come to an end, businesses are faced with navigating the transition from seasonal ads to their everyday brand image. This task can often seem daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! With careful planning and a few simple steps, you can ensure a seamless transition maintaining your company’s brand image. In this piece, we’ll discuss how to navigate a cohesive pivot from seasonal ads and make sure your business maintains its valuable presence in the eyes of consumers.

Retain Touchpoints with Your Customers 

Often holiday shopping can be a great way for brands to build momentum, but you don’t want to lose this momentum! Make sure you keep in contact with your customers and let them know that they are valued. By keeping in contact with those who have purchased from you or expressed interest in your products and services, you’ll be able to build meaningful relationships that will benefit your business over time. 

That is why maintaining touchpoints is so important. Don’t let your brand be the business that people forget about once they are done with their holiday shopping. Continue to communicate with them, and remind them what makes your company unique apart from the special time of year that makes us feel warm and cozy. This can be done through various outlets, whether it be advertisements, social media or email. 

Doing so will help encourage loyalty and provide an opportunity for customers to learn about new offerings, updates or specials. Additionally, staying connected with existing customers is a great way for them to become brand advocates by recommending you to their friends or family. 

Mirror Similar Messaging

While the holidays are winding down, that doesn’t mean your marketing efforts need to! Mirroring similar messaging from past holiday campaigns can create a cohesive, consistent brand image and remind customers of the positive experiences they had. Plus, creating a central theme for all your campaigns will give you a leg up in terms of brand recognition and staying top-of-mind for customers. 

Think about how to use visuals or copy to rework elements from past holiday campaigns into something fresh, creative, and exciting. Customers should see your new campaigns as something that builds off of your seasonal ones, and not as two things distantly removed from each other. This way, you’ll keep your brand’s message relevant year-round.

Use that Data!

The holidays are a great time of year for many reasons, whether it be gathering with family, turkey dinners, or the endless supply of chocolates. However, they also provide an excellent opportunity to collect and utilize data. 

The holidays are always a busy time for shopping, and this year is no exception. Data from the holiday season can provide valuable insight into what worked, what didn’t, and where changes need to be made for future success. This provides an invaluable lens into what shoppers want and expect for future offerings and campaigns.

Businesses can leverage this data in their favour by utilizing things such as retargeting ads. This ensures that those who may have hesitated or forgotten about certain items get another chance to purchase them before it’s too late. Knowing which items were most sought after during the holidays allows companies to create targeted ad campaigns that focus on these items specifically and entice customers who may have missed out on them earlier in the season.

This can even be used as a great strategy to re-promote top-selling items. Furthermore, using campaigns like these can help brands personalize their approach to customers and build stronger relationships with them.

The period after the holiday season can often seem like a big lull when it comes to marketing and advertising, but this can be a super important time to forward your brand. While a successful pivot from holiday-themed advertising to “regular” advertising can seem difficult, these tips can provide a foundation for you to start the new year off strong! If you’re looking for a smoother transition from the holidays this year, check out what we can do not only for your ads but for your marketing as a whole!