3 Tips for Using IGTV to Promote Your Brand

April 30, 2020

Integrating your brand with your social media channels is the first step in creating a memorable brand in today’s digital environment. Social media is the first stop for many potential customers, with your content being their first impression of your company and product and service offerings. Using the tools within social platforms will open new opportunities for you to reach customers and increase brand loyalty. One of these tools is IGTV – a standalone video feature within the Instagram app. IGTV was introduced in 2018 and has since grown to be a popular feature among influencers, brands, and independent accounts. Make the most of your Instagram content by integrating these three tips into your IGTV schedule.

Product Features and Demos:

Instagram is typically where you’ll find perfectly edited product pictures and inspiring visuals of brands, but it lacks the retail quality of being able to feel and test a product. IGTV is a great way to combat this issue, as it can be a place to demonstrate products in action and give detailed walkthroughs. Unlike Instagram posts, IGTV videos offer an extended video length and full-screen viewing for your audience. One brand that does a great example of its product demonstration is Tarte Cosmetics! By uploading make-up how-to videos, Tarte is able to demonstrate its products in action and encourage online purchases rather than traditional retail. Seeing a product in action and how it’s used is a great way to incorporate IGTV into your social schedule and connect with your audience.

Put a Face to the Brand

Meet the Team, Ask me Anything, Get To Know the CEO – all these things have one thing in common. They add a human element to your brand and allow the customer to see behind the elusive curtain of Instagram! Showing your audience the faces behind their favourite products creates a sense of community amongst your loyal customers. Take it from Vancouver Candle Company, which uses IGTV to showcase its founder. Being able to hear his voice and interact with the founder has helped the brand to build its cult-like following and create a loyal, candle loving community. Whether a large corporation or a small local brand, being able to showcase the faces behind the brand is a great way to connect with your audience and remind them of the hard work behind the products they see.

Share About Your Industry

Communication from a brand does not have to come from a place of product advertisement and sales. As mentioned in the points above, IGTV gives your brand the chance to connect with your audience through alternative means and offer them something new. Skip the sales talk and allow them to learn something useful by offering educational facts on your industry. Canadian outdoors co-op, MEC, offers its audience the chance to learn something new with educational videos for topics relevant to their business. Whether it’s keeping your ski’s prepped for next season, a new yoga video, or choosing new climbing shoes – they have a MEC staff member to inform you on the topic. These videos enforce the brand’s expertise in their products and create loyal customers who will continue to trust their advice.