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Jelly is an award-winning digital marketing & PR firm made up of a team of go-getters, storytellers, and experts in all things digital. We know just how to get your businesses seen by the right people by using a unique combination of content creation, social media, PR, SEO, and digital advertising strategies in order to amplify your brand.

Products and Services

We offer combined services as well as individual services in order to best suit your target business goals. Our team is full of experts who know exactly how to position your business goals and provide real results.


We know how to tell your story and have it heard by the right people. Our PR team will build your network and get your story to the appropriate people in the media. Work with our PR team.


We use SEO in combination with our other services in order to improve your visibility. We are a trusted Vancouver SEO Agency by seizing the best opportunities through Google and much more. Get the best SEO support.

Digital Ads

We build an effective digital advertising strategy based on your KPI’s, your business goals, and your target markets. We make it so you can engage with your ideal audience and find any new potential clients. Learn more about digital ads.

Social Media

We use social media to build awareness, create relationships, and drive promising leads to your website. We build your social media strategy off of your business goals and who you’d like to reach. Get your social media strategy started.

Media Buying

We find the right fit to have your brand seen and heard across different forms of the media. We provide a strategy that makes the most sense for you and from there, watch your awareness grow! Learn more about Media Buying.


We use professional video techniques to transform your business and connect with your audience. Whether it’s creating a promotional video for your new business or introducing your company founder - the Jelly team turns ideas into action. Create a video with us.


Podcasting is an effective way to share your message and project your brand's values. Our multimedia team records, edits, and creates high-quality audio content that will reach and capture the attention of your target audience. Start your podcast.


It all began in 2013 for Jelly Marketing when founding partner, Darian Kovacs, saw small jelly jars at breakfast with his mom and was inspired by how cool they would look like as business cards. From there, he pursued the business Jelly Marketing from his Fort Langley basement suite which has since moved through multiple office spaces, currently in a custom office in Fort Langley.

As Jelly has grown as a company, it has reached successful milestones including co-creating Western Canada’s largest marketing conference (the CIMC). In 2018, Jelly launched “Jelly Academy”, a digital marketing course taught by industry professionals. In 2018 Jelly was certified as a B Corp and by 2020 was awarded B-Corp Rookie of the Year. To top it off, Jelly has also been “Great Place to Work” Certified and listed as one of Globe and Mail’s Top Growing Companies for 2018 and 2019.

Key People

Darian Kovacs is Jelly’s founding partner, starting the business in 2013.

In 2021, long-term Jelly employee, Sarah Clark, was named partner of the firm.

Special Details About Jelly

Jelly Marketing is completely unique in what we do. We provide a comprehensive range of our services in order to best suit your brand’s goals. We are always creating and building upon new ideas while staying on top of trends. It is important to us to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and provide full transparency in order to create the most successful campaigns.

Something that makes Jelly special is our digital marketing program, Jelly Academy. We don’t want to keep our secrets to ourselves, we want to inspire more people to join the industry! We provide courses led by industry experts so you can also learn some of the best digital marketing skills.

Why Combined Digital Marketing Is So Important For Success

Our firm has an in-depth understanding of how to use digital marketing to best enhance your business. We use a combination of digital tools to drive your performance as they all play into each other’s skills to build your brand and generate leads. Within each service we provide, we are able to determine your main objectives and drive further growth.
Where Can You Find Us

The Jelly head office is located in Fort Langley, BC.

#212 - 23189 Francis Ave
Fort Langley, BC VIM 0G4


Contact us here.