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Jelly Academy - BIPOC Scholarship Opportunities

As an industry that relies on an understanding of the demographics and statistics of the market, it is in our best interest to work with and be reflective of the communities we serve. Jelly Marketing is investing in a new scholarship opportunity to encourage more individuals from the BIPOC community to pursue digital marketing training. The marketing industry is working towards being a more inclusive space and we hope that this scholarship can help to contribute to the growth and diversity of the industry.

This is our small way of ensuring that financials aren't a hindrance to opportunity. We look forward to welcoming a more diverse community to our academy.

BIPOC in Digital Scholarship

My ​t​eam ​r​eally enjoyed the training packages provided by Jelly Marketing. It gave us the confidence and knowledge to bring our social media, digital ads and PR in house and to the next level. The team at Jelly are very knowledgeable and professional. They stand behind their service and ensure that the end result is exactly what you are after. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.

Caylee Auge, Hype Hair Studio

My time with Jelly has improved my digital marketing skills, my offline marketing efforts, and set me in the right direction for effectively managing all of the marketing tasks in our office.​ ​They taught me what I need to know to get my website found and to how best to market my business. They challenged me with tasks and always followed up to ensure I was applying my knowledge correctly. Working with Jelly is like working with friends in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. They really get to know you and your business before they go forward and they leave you with a great set of tools and contacts to call upon in the future. I would recommend Jelly to anyone who needs to learn about how to market their business in this digital world.

Rachel Exley, Mastercare

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